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We Have Added An Entirely New Vegan Menu

1. Hummus Platter (Vegan)

2. Sizzling YakiSoba (Noodles) (Vegan)

3. Seasoned Vegetable Grill (Vegan)

4. Quesadillas (w / Vegan ingredients including Vegan cheese (Vegan)

5. Blue Grotto Signature Salad (w / Special Vegan House Dressing created by Allen Wu) (Vegan)

6. Vegetable Coconut Curry w / Grilled Tofu (Vegan)

7. Vegetable Spring Roll (Vegan)

8, Sushi Roll – Tofu Skin, Rice, Vegetables (Vegan)

9. Sushi – Vegetable in Cucumber Skin (Vegan)

10. Sushi – Avocado, Vegetables in Soy paper (Vegan)

11. Miso Soup – Tofu, Dried Seaweed, and Scallion (Vegan)

12. Seaweed Salad

13. Vegan Cake

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